Giarte Research

For 13 years now, Schuberg Philis has participated in the Giarte Outsourcing Performance survey. As in many previous years, Schuberg Philis has once again received the highest trust score of all participants in the study: 89 out of 100.    In addition, Schuberg Philis received the highest customer satisfaction score in three out of four outsourcing categories: application management, infrastructure management and managed security. In the fourth category, end user management, Schuberg Philis ranks among the top 3 of all participants. Erik-Jan Kool, Managing Director at Schuberg Philis: “It makes us really proud to receive this recognition from our customers, year after year. Especially because our effort to focus even more on our customers’ mission-critical activities seems to pay off. Doing so in close collaboration with our ecosystem and customers while using innovative solutions is a continuous challenge we happily take on every day.”

Greener Wheels

Schuberg Philis encourages the use of bicycles, both for commuting and for short journeys during the working day.    The bicycle parking at Schuberg Philis is locked, well-lit and the automatic door provides easy access. There are two well-equipped showers, two washer-dryers combos and professional facilities for repairing bicycles. The bicycle repair shop leads directly into the office spaces. For colleagues who do not commute by bike, there are bicycles on loan to go shopping or visit a customer. Towels and personal care products are available free of charge. At least once a month a retired bicycle mechanic comes to help repair or improve the bicycles.   Cycling is included in the company’s sports week and we organize bike rides abroad.     Cycling colleagues receive a travel budget based on the distance between home and work and Schuberg Philis has appointed a cycling ombudsperson. 


AWS Technical Practice Lead
  This year David Webster joined Schuberg Philis as the AWS Technical Practice Lead. He has a deep passion for AWS and is committed to excellence and evolving best practices with both customer teams and the AWS community. His goal is to deliver greater value and aim for 100% customer satisfaction.  

AWS well-architected partner
The Well-Architected Review (WAR) is the foundation of successful engagements. By doing a WAR with our customers, we get an in-depth overview of the issues to be tackled. We then work with the customer to help prioritize where these critical issues are and how to fix them. That way, our customers always get a well-architected architecture. 

AWS partnership with Amazon
Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS technology let us focus 100% on creating business impact for our customers. Last year we were honored with the 2019 AWSome Award and became an APN Advanced Tier Partner who is also a certified MSP Partner. This year we have 75 certifications to date and are currently developing our partnership with more competencies, so that we can position ourselves to become an APN Premier Partner.   We are proud to be an Amazon partner! 

Virtuality or reality

Last year at Re:Invent, AWS introduced Deepracer: an autonomous model car which you can train via machine learning and then race against other fellow Deepracers on indoor circuits. At Schuberg Labs271 we started a team to train our DeepVerstappens. It is a great way to introduce our colleagues to the wonders and frustrations of training computers to do “what you want,” without telling the computers “how to do it.”  In other words, telling the car to hit the apex without telling it how the steering works. After a couple of months, we had our first public race at the AWS circuit at InfoSec 2019. Our model “mrdeepracer 2b” was our best driver and our worst. It was very fast and consistent on the virtual track, but drove like Jos Verstappen on the Schuberg Office track: it was fast, but it never completed a single lap. On race day itself, we decided to take the gamble and raced “2b.” We watched with amazement as it completed its first lap without any errors and came in with a lap time of 11 seconds, a whole 7 seconds better than the competition. The 1st prize was ours!