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The interviewees

Marcel van Ruijven, Sjoerd Wildschut

From our home base in the Netherlands, Schuberg Philis rolls out solutions for customers around the globe. New technologies, lessons learned, as well as the acquired know-how and routines, are making international adventures easier to execute and scale up. Customer Directors Marcel van Ruijven and Sjoerd Wildschut are working on large long-term projects ranging from smart industry to global asset management solutions.

“We’ve been active abroad for a while now, mostly because multinationals make a challenging request that fits our ambition,” Sjoerd Wildschut explains. “My focus is mainly on financial service providers. For a major Dutch bank, we once set up a fully digital savings bank with a rollout in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. All of which was managed from our Dutch office. We now also run the systems for the American activities of another bank here, even though our customers are in the US, UK, and France. What we do and what we are capable of depends primarily on the customer’s wishes. We discovered that the way we deliver our services — combining skills, team effort and execution power — also works in a global environment.” 

Our solution allows asset managers to respond faster to their customer’s needs.

Sjoerd Wildschut

Business value

Speed and flexibility combined with stability have been and remain crucial to these international customers. If a customer decides to start operating in a new country, this must usually be implemented immediately and at the right costs. In part thanks to our knowledge of cloud capabilities, Schuberg Philis can start up projects quickly, regardless of the location. 

As with our customers in the Netherlands, we help them to create business value. For example, after a successful trial in a Mexican plant, we optimized the production line for a worldwide beverage producer, resulting in an improvement of our customer’s cost base and revenue growth. Our solution, based on IoT data and regional mini clouds, now enables the smart factories to do their own data analysis and implement process improvements. “We roll out these standardized solutions around the globe,” says Marcel van Ruijven, “providing business value to more and more factories.” “The same applies to international asset managers,” says Sjoerd. “Our solution allows them to respond faster to their customer’s needs, which results in higher customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage.”


“Every new country is a journey of discovery,” says Marcel. “In each country we start with our blueprints on ways of working and technical solutions. If necessary, we create a tailor-made solution for the specific country needs on, for example, security or privacy regulations.” 

Sjoerd recognizes and emphasizes the importance of repetitive scalable solutions, or blueprints. “Though we realize that every situation is different, we always find a way with our customers to create a basis that can be captured in a repeatable blueprint.” Sjoerd starts smiling and says: “Actually, there is little difference to our customers based in the Netherlands. The way we work together and our focus on 100% customer satisfaction seems to be universal. So, when talking about blueprints, this is probably even the most important one.”

  • Marcel van Ruijven

    Customer Director

    Marcel van Ruijven


  • Sjoerd Wildschut

    Customer Director

    Sjoerd Wildschut