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The interviewees

Paul Metz, Jeroen Nagelsmith, Elaine Rupp

If it is your goal to deliver top quality for your customers every day, you’ll have to make sure that the people who deliver that top quality are in tip-top shape. Colleagues Jeroen Nagelsmith, Paul Metz and Elaine Rupp, who manage the restaurant and our events, talk about how they do just that, every single day.

Jeroen: “The restaurant is truly the heart of our company. We often welcome as many as 230 people to our long-and-narrow table. This iconic table has been here since the very start of Schuberg Philis, and it just kept on getting longer as the company grew. Our colleagues can come here to eat at any time of the day, but we often also invite customers to join us here.”

Elaine: “We want to maintain our track record of excellence, and there is only one way to do that—taking good care of ourselves and our customers. That’s why the restaurant not only feels like a cozy living room, but we also encourage our people and their guests to make healthy choices.”

Paul: “It’s our goal to always offer a healthy salad buffet, and we entice our lunch guests with fruit and healthy drinks. They really appreciate it. Some of our colleagues spend the entire day at a computer, and the restaurant is a fun place for them to unwind in a healthy way.”

And also to experience exciting novelties, as Paul and Jeroen have complete freedom to unleash their culinary genius every day. From molecular cooking and edible 3D prints to Christmas meals that are customized for each colleague. At Schuberg Philis, it’s all possible.

We create fun new things every day to keep on inspiring our people.

Jeroen Nagelsmith

Jeroen: “The board encourages us to be adventurous. They want us to keep on challenging ourselves. That’s why we’re always looking for a surprising twist—to delight our colleagues as well as our customers. For example, we made a dessert shaped like a beer glass, especially for our HEINEKEN team. And new hires were served a Star Wars-themed lunch, including the catchphrase ‘May the fork be with you.’ We create fun new things every day to keep on inspiring our people. That’s what makes our job so much fun!”

Finding that wow factor is also paramount to Schuberg Philis’s internal and external events like the family day that is organized twice a year for colleagues and their families. A day full of special workshops and activities for all ages.

Elaine: “Our family day isn’t just a tribute to our families, it’s also a way to say thank you for the long hours that our people put in. Everyone at the company is 100% committed, which is why it’s so much fun for us to give 100% as well, both in the restaurant and at our events.”

  • Paul Metz

    100% food

    Paul Metz


  • Jeroen Nagelsmith

    100% food

    Jeroen Nagelsmith


  • Elaine Rupp

    Head of hospitality

    Elaine Rupp